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  • Small (1-99 employees) – 1500/- AED + vat
  • Medium (100-499 employees) – 2500/- AED + vat
  • Large (500+ employees) – 3500/- AED +vat

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Private organizations with less than 99 employees.

Private organizations between 100 and 499 employees

Private organizations with more than 500 employees

Government departments and public sector authorities (of any size) that provide non-commercial services

Private organizations that have been established for less than 3 years

Government/Private organizations may apply for this category for a social and/ or environmental Partnership or Collaboration (Program/Project/ Initiative) jointly with one or more NGO/CSO/NPO and government/private organizations.

Organisations that engage in business operations to generate revenue primarily to serve social, environmental purposes

Private, Public and jointly owned commercial enterprises that operate in the Production, refining and supply of energy

Commercial Banks, Investment Banks, Brokerage firms, Insurance companies, Financial Institutions, Financial Consultancies, Equity Firms and any organisation related to the financial Sector

Hotel chains, Hotels and Lodging, and Cruise Line

Organisations engaged in preparation of land and construction, alteration and repair of buildings, structures, and other real property

Hospital, clinics, practices and other private, public, and voluntary organizations that provide of diagnostic, preventive, remedial, and therapeutic services

Organizations that design, develop, manufacture, market, sell, deliver, maintain and repair automobiles and any organization related to the automotive industry will be considered for this category.